Wingman Services Pty ltd has a National network of consultant’s available dependant on the needs of the client, and will recommend the “best fit” for each company and their requirements.

Wingman Services Pty Ltd has extensive consultancy, advisory, policy development and project management experience including a wide scope of the Vocational Education and Training system, and the application of this within the industry sectors.

These include:

-                      Workforce Planning and Development

-                      Training needs analysis

-                      Company job profiling and mapping

-                      Resource development

-                      Indigenous Employment and Education and Training

-                      Emerging skill acquisition issues

-                      Government and other funding investigation and  application

-                      Women in Resources

-                      Vet in Schools

-                      User Choice policy

-                      Research and development               

-                      Training Package Development, Implementation and Review


Wingman Services Pty Ltd provide a wide range of training services, including face to face delivery in Business, Occupational Health and Safety, People and Project Management, Communication Skills, Induction courses and Training and Assessment (TAE). Wingman Services Pty Ltd specialise in workplace training and assist organisations with customised development of internal accredited and non accredited courses.



-                      Project Management (including acquittal)

-                      Business Development and Marketing

-                      Event  Management

-                      Change Management

-                      Client relations and advisory

-                      Recruitment and Human resources






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Wingman Services provides a comprehensive consultancy service to companies in a efficient, timely and cost effective manner


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Wingman Services has a national network of consultants available to provide your company with a "best fit" consultant for your individual needs



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